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Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are driving the need for superior energy storage devices. Ultracapacitors can capture, store, and deliver energy in a more reliable and cost effective manner and have the ability to charge and discharge millions of times without failure. Their high reliability, efficiency and operating lifetime makes them a suitable storage device for a broad range of applications. Examples include regenerative breaking, uninterrupted backup power in high reliability systems, electric power grid frequency regulation, power for wind turbine pitch systems, and power for actuator based systems.

Furthermore, a combination of Ultracapacitors and traditional batteries has been identified as a cost effective and reliable solution for applications where lifecycle and reliability are paramount. When used in conjunction with batteries, Ultracapacitors quickly absorb and release power to isolate batteries from voltage drops and surges and increase battery lifetimes. A hybrid vehicle with either an electric traction motor or internal combustion engine that is augmented by Ultracapacitors for acceleration and energy recapture during braking can reduce fuel consumption by 50% and particulate emissions by more than 75%, as cited by a research study by the US Dept of Energy.

This new class of Ultracapacitor utilizing Graphene as the electrode material can store more energy than conventional activated carbon based units and promises to increase the adoption of Ultracapacitors for a wide range of energy capture and storage applications.

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